A Diversity/Inclusion/Awareness Project Sponsored by the
Philadelphia Lacrosse Association
HEADstrong Foundation™



The HEADstrong Foundation™ has partnered with the Philadelphia Lacrosse Association to further cancer awareness through the HEADstring™ Project.

This collaborative initiative allows donated sticks to be refurbished and restrung by volunteer student athletes using HEADstrong’s signature lime green mesh.  Once completed, the sticks will be distributed to recipients in connection with the PLA’s “New Start” initiatives in the City of Philadelphia.

The objective of the HEADstring™ Project is to infuse the values and positive message associated with the HEADstrong Foundation™, while helping to introduce the game to inner city students.  The project seeks to inspire students by sharing the story of HEADstrong founder Nicholas “HEAD” Colleluori.

The PLA is looking for help from high school coaches and student athletes who are interested in contributing to a good cause and potentially earning community service credit by:

  • Organizing and conducting stick donation drives at their schools in January/February/March; and
  • Restringing and refurbishing donated sticks (the PLA currently has over 50 sticks that need to be restrung with HEADstrong’s distinctive mesh, fitted with new shafts, and given new life in the hands of players in Philadelphia).

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